EnzoCasino Welcome Bonus: 150% up to €1500

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EnzoCasino Welcome Bonus

The EnzoCasino is a relatively new casino, which was established in 2016. It is based on the island of Curacao but offers services to users all around the planet. One of the biggest advantages of playing in this casino is the availability of their live chat, which offers quick responsiveness to users regardless of date and time. Furthermore, the EnzoCasino welcome bonus is one of the best casino bonuses that we’ve encountered so far.

They’re willing to give you 150% the amount of money that you deposit on their site as free account balance, which you’ll have to wager a certain number of times before being able to withdraw it. It’s a very good offer nonetheless, and we’ll be exploring it on its entirety so you can get be sure it will meet your expectations.

In this article, we’ll also take a closer look at the casino itself, as it’s always important to know where you’re gambling and how trustworthy are the people receiving your cash. The EnzoCasino welcome bonus might sound very tempting, but let’s first understand what a welcome bonus is and which type of welcome bonuses you might find online.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus, as the name suggests, is a bonus that casinos offer to new players in order to welcome them into their services. As such, there are many types of welcome bonuses, but they’re mostly aimed at offering users a bit of free playtime on the casino or giving away some cash to the player, allowing them to play risk-free for a certain time.

The EnzoCasino welcome bonus, for example, is a type of deposit bonus that triggers with your first deposit on their services. You will have to deposit your money on the site before being able to receive an offer, but the casino is generous with their bonus and gives you 150% of your money for free. Welcome bonuses are subjected to special terms and conditions, as almost any other type of casino bonus.

Some casinos like to place more restrictions than others, but at the end of the day it’s part of what they do – they’re not going to give away money for free, but they do aim at keeping users happy during their first few months at the service, so they become concurrent users. The EnzoCasino welcome bonus is one of the most generous casino bonuses out there.

Deposit bonuses usually just match the cash that you deposit, and they rarely give you more than that (or, if they do, they place some ridiculous wagering requirement on the offer). 

Welcome Bonus Types

As we’ve mentioned before, the EnzoCasino welcome bonus is a deposit bonus. However, this isn’t the only type of available welcome bonus that you’ll find. We’ve made a list of the most common types of welcome bonuses for you to take into consideration.

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are the most common type of welcome bonus, as they encourage users to deposit money into the services of a casino before receiving any rewards. In fact, most free no deposit bonuses are also tied to certain deposit restrictions. For example, some casinos might give away €10 but you’ll have to deposit €50 into the site before cashing out any rewards.

Deposit bonuses are a straightforward way for casinos to give away some cash, but directly ask you to deposit first – no hidden conditions attached. That’s often why these bonuses are seen as the most legitimate, but you’ll have to watch out for the site’s terms and conditions as well. EnzoCasino offers other bonuses as well, but their flagship bonus is the EnzoCasino welcome bonus given the low wagering requirements of the offer as well as the large sum of money that they’re willing to match (up to €1500!).

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are special bonuses that don’t require you to make any sort of cash deposit to a casino before you’re able to use it. As such, the best way to make some free cash is going to be finding no deposit bonuses with low wagering requirements and no shady hidden conditions. However, finding the perfect offer is extremely difficult.

No deposit bonuses are often tied to a hidden deposit fee that you’ll have to make. The EnzoCasino welcome bonus doesn’t include any no deposit rewards, but it’s still a great bonus that you should look at if you’re willing to deposit money to kickstart your wagering life on their casino.

The most common type of no deposit bonuses is free spins. Casinos usually allow people to play a few rounds on their online slots for free. The earnings usually have to be wagered a few times before you’re able to withdraw them, though. Some casinos claim that they give the money away with no requirements, but few of them are trustworthy.

Free Spin Bonuses

Free spin bonuses allow users to play a selection of slot games for free in a casino. Usually, users will be required to wager the earned money after they do it. The EnzoCasino welcome bonus doesn’t come with any free spins, but EnzoCasino does offer a few free spin bonuses that you might want to take advantage of.

We’ll go into further details of EnzoCasino offers later in the article, after we tell you how to receive the EnzoCasino welcome bonus and what requirements you may have to meet.

Free Play Bonuses

Free play bonuses are not too common these days, as they allow people to play for a given amount of time by wagering as much as they want, but without using their actual money to do it. As such, users might be able to make a ton of money in a short span of time, but they’ll have to wager a lot of it before being able to withdraw it.

We won’t be focusing on free play bonuses on this article, as the EnzoCasino welcome bonus doesn’t come with any free play time, nor do they offer any free play time bonuses on their site.

Cash Match Bonuses

The EnzoCasino welcome bonus is a cash match variation in which the casino doesn’t only pay you the same amount of money that you deposit as account balance, but they also give you an extra 50% to get you started on the site. It’s not easy finding such a generous offer, and whenever we see one of these, we tend to fully study it to make sure our readers won’t get scammed by the casino sites.

Cash match offers are often tied to heavy wagering requirements. Some casinos even ask you to bet the bonus balance at least 70 times before you’re able to withdraw your earnings. We’ve even seen casinos ask for a wagering requirement of over 100 times the bonus amount, which is outrageous and very discouraging to their users.

Recurring Welcome Bonuses

Some welcome bonus offers are recurrent. This means that they might not cease to exist after you make the first deposit. Some casinos offer welcome bonuses for your first 4 or 5 deposits. Although the EnzoCasino welcome offer only works with your first deposit, the large amount of bonus money that you get is too good to be overlooked. Recurring offers tend to be lower with each deposit that you make. For example, a casino might tell you that they will match your deposited cash with bonus account balance for the first four deposits.

However, the first deposit might be a 100% cash match, while the rest will probably give you less than 100%, going as low as 10% for their last offer. It all depends on which casino you’re playing at, and what new user policies are in place for that specific casino.

Things to Consider When You Receive a Welcome Bonus

It’s important that you take into consideration every bonus term before fully committing to the offer. Some casinos like to place a ton of wagering requirements on their bonuses, while others might not allow you to withdraw any cash while the offer is in place. You might receive a 200% cash match bonus, for example, but you may not be able to even withdraw the amount that you deposited before you’ve met the wagering requirements.

Although this might seem a bit disloyal, even the biggest online casinos do this to prevent users from winning too much money on their sites. Thankfully, the EnzoCasino welcome bonus is very friendly to new users and the wagering requirements are low. We’ve made a section in this article explaining to you everything you need to know about the EnzoCasino bonus terms and conditions.

The EnzoCasino Welcome Bonus

The EnzoCasino welcome bonus matches the money of your first deposit on the site and gives you an extra 50% of whichever amount you decided to play. For example, let’s say that you’ve just registered to EnzoCasino and you want to start playing some online games. To do it, you decide to deposit €100 on the site.

EnzoCasino will make your account balance much higher than that – you’ll get a total of €250 credited (€100 deposit + €150 bonus) to the account by accepting their welcome bonus.

The bonus can only be cashed out once, of course, and it’s not a recurrent type of bonus at all. You’ll get your money and then you’ll be free to play games with it. Not every game on the site is available for you to play, but the ones they offer are very fun and not too limiting. We’ve listed below all of the games available for the EnzoCasino welcome bonus.

Full Guide on How to Receive the EnzoCasino Welcome Bonus

Receiving the EnzoCasino welcome bonus is a very straightforward process. The casino aims to offer users a chance to try their bonus without too much hassle, something that has become more popular in recent years that it was before. A few years ago, you would’ve had to input codes that took ages to get to your email – now, all you have to do is make a deposit and you’re set.

1. Sign Up to EnzoCasino

The first thing you’ll have to do is access EnzoCasino.com and select the option to create a new account. Once you’re there, you’ll be prompted to input all your information. Do it – you won’t be instantly encouraged to deposit money, this comes after the registration process is complete. Make sure that your account is fully verified, and all your personal information matches your actual data. A failure to provide proof to EnzoCasino that you’re who you claim to be may cost you a ton of trouble.

2. Choose Any Given Amount of Cash to Deposit

The EnzoCasino welcome bonus doesn’t limit users to deposit a certain amount of cash, nor does it require people to deposit a minimum amount to be eligible for the bonus. As long as you comply with their other terms and conditions, you could take advantage of this offer by depositing even €50 if you want. Keep in mind that the maximum amount of bonus cash that you can receive is €1500. This means that you won’t receive any benefits for any deposit that exceeds €1000.

3. Cashing Out Your Winnings

Before you’re able to withdraw your winnings, you’ll have to wager the bonus amount of money that you receive a minimum of 33 times. This wagering requirement is surprisingly low for such a generous offer, making the EnzoCasino welcome bonus one of the best bonuses that we’ve found. You’ll only be able to play certain games with the bonus balance, though.

These games are not explicitly named but are rather categorized per developer. Betsoft, Fugaso, GS, Playson, and Felix Gaming are all supported game developers for the offer, which means that any of their games present in the EnzoCasino will count towards the wagering requirement of the bonus money. 

EnzoCasino Welcome Bonus Terms & Conditions

EnzoCasino has some general terms and conditions that apply to their bonuses, and there are also some specific conditions that you’ll have to meet if you want to receive the EnzoCasino welcome bonus. We’ve made a list with the most important terms and conditions so you can get a better idea of what the casino asks of their users.

  • One-User Restriction – EnzoCasino limits their welcome bonus to one per person. You can try to receive the bonus more than once but doing so means that you’d be breaking the site’s policies and you might lose all of your winnings if they find out.
  • Game Limitations – Although every game made by the aforementioned developers counts towards the total wagering requirements, not every game does it at the same percentage. The only type of games that contribute 100% to your wagering requirement are slots of all varieties. Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and other types of games only count 10% towards your total wagering requirements.
  • Country Limitations – Not every country is eligible for the welcome bonus offer, and trying to use a VPN to connect from one of these countries is also not allowed by the site. The list of countries which cannot receive the EnzoCasino welcome bonus (or any of their bonuses) is listed on the EnzoCasino website.
  • Promotion Limitations – The casino reserves the right to end any offer at any given time if they see it fit, or if they discover one of their users cheating to take a greater advantage than intended. This is not going to be an issue with the EnzoCasino welcome bonus but keep it in mind before trying any of their other bonuses.

EnzoCasino Review

The EnzoCasino is a relatively new website, and their start was a bit shaky. Users didn’t like their original policies at first, as they felt too predatory and people weren’t happy at all. They even asked users to gamble up to 100 times a free bonus before they were able to cash it out. However, they seem to have changed their ways and people are far more welcoming to them than they were before.

This is clearly shown in the EnzoCasino welcome bonus, which doesn’t only provide you with a match bonus of 150% but also gives to the chance to withdraw your earnings after wagering it only 33 times. Keep in mind that the casino will always be there to answer to any of your doubts or complains – they have a live chat available 24/7.

Should You Take the EnzoCasino Welcome Bonus?

By all accounts, yes. There are no benefits from opting out of the EnzoCasino welcome bonus offer, as it’s just too generous to be overlooked. You’ll struggle to find another welcome bonus with such a small wagering requirement amount, and the profits you could make from this offer are hard to come by. The best thing you can do is deposit €1000 on EnzoCasino to get the best out of the offer.

You’ll get a grand total of €2500 to play with and you won’t need to use any of your actual money unless you run out of the bonus offer.

Our Final Verdict

The EnzoCasino welcome bonus is one of the best welcome bonuses that you’ll be able to find when it comes to deposit bonuses. The low wagering requirement is far too good to be ignored and the total amount of money that you’ll make is potentially greater than with most other welcome bonus offers. EnzoCasino has a very good reputation, even though they only started providing services to its users in 2016.

They’re now regarded as a reputable online casino, and they’re known to offer some of the best bonuses in the online casino community.

Try your luck in the EnzoCasino and don’t miss out on the chance to make a ton of cash with your first deposit by registering on their website today! Read our full EnzoCasino review here. 

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