A free spin is a bonus that allows you to spin the reels of an online slot without having to pay any money for it. Unlike free play in online casinos, you can use free spins to win bonus money that you will eventually be able to turn into real cash after fulfilling the bonus wagering requirements.


Free spins allow you to win anything from the traditional rewards that you get from a classic casino game to the best rewards that you can win on jackpot slots, depending on the bonus conditions of your free spins.

Some casino free spins allow you to spend the money on certain online slots, whilst others are more freely spent on other types of games.

If you know how to use the bonus free spins and the money generated with them, though, you’ll be even more prone to obtain amazing rewards. For example, you can use the bonus money generated with the spins to play other games, which opens up a universe of possibilities that you probably didn’t even know existed. It’s truly as good as it gets!


Free spin bonuses are amazing because they allow you to play all sorts of incredible games for free. However, there isn’t a free spin formula that comprises every type of free spin bonus on the planet. Instead, these bonuses are very varied and they come in different shapes and forms, which makes them quite unique and turns them into some of the best bonuses in the online casino industry.

Among the most common types of free spin bonuses on the planet, you’ll find the following:

No Deposit Free Spins

No deposit free spin bonuses are among the most common types of free spin bonuses on the planet, as well as being some of the most coveted free spins that you’ll find. They are offers that allow you to claim free spins without spending a dime of your own money.

In most cases, no deposit free spins are given as part of welcome bonuses to an online casino that you’re visiting for the first time. However, they can also be given as part of loyalty rewards or even as part of other long-run promotions.

Deposit Free Spins

Deposit free spins are equally as lucrative as no deposit free spins. In fact, in most cases, deposit free spins tend to be more plentiful as well as have a higher value than their no deposit counterparts.

This happens because you will only get these spins after making a deposit in an online casino, which in turn means that you’re already committing your cash to the site and the owners are keener to reward you.

Deposit free spins also come with lower wagering requirements than no deposit free spins, in most cases.

Free Spins for Specific Games

There are some free spin bonuses that you can only spend on specific games. For example, you’ll come across many offers that you will only be able to spend on games like Book of Dead or Starburst, which are some of the best online slots on the planet.

You will not be able to use certain free spins on other games, but you will be able to use the money generated with these spins on other titles once you’ve spent the spins themselves.

Wager-Free Spins

Some online casinos offer free spins that come free of any wagering requirements, which is what we refer to as wager-free spins.

These free spins may be earned with no deposit bonuses as well as deposit bonuses, but they’re not too common and, in most cases, you will notice that online casinos give you smaller numbers of free spins when the offer is wager-free – and they also tend to come in smaller values (wager-free spins tend to be worth around €0.10 each, at most).

Free Spins + Cash Bonuses

Another extremely popular way to earn free spins in the best online casinos is to receive offers that come with free spins as well as bonus cash. These offers are very common and you will find that most of the free spins that need to be earned with a deposit also come with free cash. That’s a win/win scenario for you however you look at it.

Promotional Free Spins

In some cases, you will also be able to earn free spins by partaking in some promotions of an online casino. Promotional free spins are some of the best bonuses to claim in online casinos partly because they can be earned in various ways, such as:

  • As part of online casino rewards like loyalty bonuses or VIP rewards
  • As part of seasonal promotions or bonuses
  • By leveling up your casino account in certain sites
  • As part of random promotions given by most online casinos


One of the best things about free spin bonuses is that they are extremely easy to claim in most cases. Some online casinos might make it a bit more complicated than others, but claiming free spin bonuses tends to be done quickly in three simple steps.

1. Choose the Bonus that You Like the Most

The first and most important part of a bonus is to choose an offer that you really like to claim. As such, make sure that you decide to claim a bonus that you really like (check out the rules of the casino and the conditions of the promotion in advance). Once you’re sure it looks good, go ahead and claim it.

2. Register at Your Online Casino of Choice

Every free spin bonus that you’ll be claiming requires you to create an account in any online casino that offers it. As such, the first step that you will need to take to claim a bonus that you want to claim is to register at the online casino of your choice. You won’t be able to claim the offer or obtain any rewards without registering.

3. Use a Free Spin Bonus Code or Follow the Instructions to Win

In most cases, free spin bonuses are given after you verify your online casino account or after entering a bonus code to activate the offer. Make sure that you follow the instructions to the letter and your spins will be on your account literally minutes after your account has been created.


  • Please take some time to check that the online casino offering you free spins is legit. Claim free spins offers shown in The Casino Wizard if you want to avoid being scammed, or look for online casino free spins with your eyes peeled for any potential scams.
  • Make sure that the free spins have fair wagering recruitments or else you won’t be walking away with anything other than disappointment.
  • Play in online casinos that let you keep the money you win. Never allow yourself to be subjected to unfair clauses.
  • Use your free spins on games with high volatility, as you’ll be more likely to walk away with a large win if you spend your free spins there. This is especially true if you’re claiming a bonus that comes with less than 20 free spins as a reward.


Free spins, just like any other casino bonus, have the simple objective of keeping people happy and hooked into an online casino service. As such, online casinos give free spins with the purpose of introducing new players into their slot games, as well as encouraging people to open an account and deposit money on their websites.

Free Spins as Welcome Bonuses

Most online casinos use free spins as a welcome bonus in order to allow new players to place some lighthearted bets into the site’s games without risking their money.

Trying Out Different Games

Trying different games with free spins instead of your own money is always going to get the pressure off your shoulders. That’s why free spin bonuses are often given to players and they’re restricted to be used in certain games on the site.

Getting a Taste of the Online Casino

Free spins are a great way for online casinos to let players enjoy their services without compromising any of their money in the process. You will be able to play with a determined amount of free spins, which often have a very low value, whilst still checking out the performance and shenanigans of an online casino.

You may be getting 100 free spins to play your favorite slots, but the risk being taken by the casino is quite low because, even if you fulfill the requirements and withdraw the money earned with the spins, the amount won’t likely be too high because each spin is usually worth from €0.10 to €0.20.

Keeping You Hooked to the Rewards

Arguably the main reason why online casinos give free spins is so players can experience the thrill of winning in an online casino without having to associate the risk factor with their winnings, which does wonders at helping people disassociate their playtime in a specific casino with lost cash. As such, you’ll be far more likely to keep playing at the casino after having spent your free spins.


Playing for free will never cease to be fun, but you need to know which games to play in order to maximize your profits. Some casinos like to give away free spins that can be used in any of their slot games – when that happens, you’ll be facing the decision of choosing one out of hundreds of games.

If you’ve already gambled before, then you probably already know which games you prefer. However, if you’re new to gambling or if the casino offering you free spins doesn’t have any games that you’ve played before, it’s wise to do some research at the casinowizard and find out which games are better and which of them give you better odds of winning.

Choosing Games for Their Profitability

Naturally, if you join a new online casino and you’re given free spins, you’ll probably want to make a large profit as soon as possible with your bonus. It’s important that you choose games that offer you the chance to do this, but it’s equally important to be aware of the withdrawal limitations of your free spin bonus.

Say, for example, that you want to play a jackpot game with the free spins that you’re given. If your bonus has an earning limit of €1000, you won’t be able to withdraw more than that even if you manage to win a jackpot.

Thus, it might be best for you to avoid jackpot games when looking for a game to play. Some casinos intentionally restrict you to play jackpot games with free spin bonus, but you’d be better off avoiding them as much as possible.

Choosing Games for Their Theme

Free spins with no game restrictions are far more freely used than free spins bonuses that limit players to a set of 4 or 5 games. As such, with these bonuses, you’ll be able to pick any game that catches your eye over the rest.

Free spins can be used to try out the different games of any gambling site without risking your own cash, so picking a game based on its theme will let you try it out with potentially real money – free of risk.

Choosing Various Games

Another thing that professional gamblers recommend is picking a selection of games to be used with a free spin bonus. It’s always important to rotate between games when gambling and having a handful of games at your disposal lets you do this quickly without having to think about it too much.


Free spins are the most common type of bonus given by online casinos. You’ll find them in all shapes and forms, and every gambler welcomes them with open arms regardless of the wagering requirements attached to them. This does leave room for a question, though: Why are these free spins so popular amongst gamblers?

Casinos benefit greatly from free spins, as they can set the value of each spin and calculate how much money a player could make, and they could also limit how much cash a player can withdraw from the profits of said bonus. Players, however, are also greatly benefitted from free spins. You’ll get to try new games and earn potential cash with little to no initial investment.

Thus, the importance of free spins on the gambling community is massive for all parts involved. Be sure to study all of the terms and conditions that come attached to these bonuses, though – failing to comply with any of them could merit a ban and a full cancelation of your free spin profits.


Getting money for free will always sound very good, and free spins are a fine example of this. However, it’s smart to be skeptical about it, as you’ll very rarely encounter someone willing to give away a ton of cash to you for free. Thus, free spins always come attached to a certain string of terms and conditions, as well as requirements that must be fulfilled.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are often what gamblers refer to as the “catch” of any free bonus. The free spins that you receive will help you earn a determined amount of cash, and this sum will have to be wagered a few times before you’re able to withdraw your profits – if you indeed manage to make any, that is.

There will always be some cases in which wagering requirements are not in place, but these usually happen when a casino gives away free spins to loyal players as a reward for their longevity or because of the amount of money that they’ve bet in a casino.

Some casinos give away free spins of small value to some players, which might help them earn an easy €10 or €20 and keep it or withdraw it. It’s a cool way to compensate players for their loyalty, but these bonuses are rarely handed out easily.

The best way to look at wagering requirements is with an example. Let’s say that a casino gives you 50 free spins for any given reason. With those free spins, you might manage to make €30, but these are subjected to a wagering requirement of x20. You’ll have to wager €600 before withdrawing your winnings.

Time Limitations

Some free spin bonuses are limited to be used within a certain frame of time. For example, some casinos give free spins that can be used for 24 hours tops, and they’ll be removed from your account if you fail to use them within that day.

Other casinos give free spin bonuses on a daily basis. It’s become a common practice to offer players 200 free spin bonuses, for example, spread throughout a span of 20 days. This translates to a total of 10 spins per day, but you don’t have to play them all during the same day you receive them unless the casino explicitly says so.

Be aware of time limitations and consider how much time you have at your disposal before applying for a free spin bonus.


There are hundreds of online casino bonuses on the internet many of which provide players with a massive selection of bonuses and rewards that you’ll be able to freely spend and claim on any site that you want. As such, the best free spin bonuses on the internet will be providing you with the ultimate experience to have as much fun as possible without spending a dime.

There are two types of bonuses that we recommend claiming when looking for free spins, which we consider to be the best on the internet.

Free Spins for Video Slots

If you’re a fan of video slots, then you’re going to love free spins in general. The vast majority of spins are meant to be spent on these, although some online casinos give you free spins to spend on traditional slots instead.

Given how fun it is to play video slots, we have to tell you that these are the best bonus offers to claim. You will be playing dozens of games that feel unique every time that you try them out, which puts them among the best offers on the internet.

Free Spins for New Slots

Some online free spin bonuses allow you to spend them in new online slots, which means that you will be trying out new games whilst claiming the best bonuses out there. Free spins for new slots tend to be given as part of loyalty programs. Be sure to visit online casinos with top-class loyalty rewards and earn the best bonuses that the internet has to offer!


Some free spins can be claimed by entering specific bonus codes, which activate the offers and allow you to use the bonuses. Bonus codes are not only used to activate no deposit bonuses – some online casinos require you to enter a code even if you’re going to claim a deposit bonus.

We have made a list of the best free spin bonus codes on our site, which you might want to check out if you’re keen to claim these specific bonuses. You can find it right here!


Wagering requirements are often what gamblers refer to as the “catch” of any free bonus. The free spins that you receive will help you earn a determined amount of cash, and this sum will have to be wagered a few times before you’re able to withdraw your profits – if you indeed manage to make any, that is.

There will always be some cases in which wagering requirements are not in place, but these usually happen when a casino gives away free spins to loyal players as a reward for their longevity or because of the amount of money that they’ve bet in a casino.

Some casinos give away free spins of small value to some players, which might help them earn an easy €10 or €20 and keep it or withdraw it. It’s a cool way to compensate players for their loyalty, but these bonuses are rarely handed out easily.


Let us guide you through the best casinos to claim no deposit free spins all over the world:


Free spins will always be some of the best promotions that you can claim in online casinos. Not only are they awesome to get your hands on a handful of free cash, but you’ll also be playing some of the best online slots without spending your own money to do so. You should head straight to the online casino that you like the most and start spending that money on your favorite rewards.

Use the bonus cash to play more slots for free or use it to try out your luck in other games, such as table games, or even in other fantastic titles that the industry has to offer. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure to claim your free spin bonuses now before time runs out in your favorite offers!