No deposit bonus free spins are online casino no deposit bonuses that you can unlock without making any previous deposits. Also known as sing-up free spin bonuses, they grant you free spins to be spent on online slots.


No deposit bonuses are extremely popular, but there are two main types of bonuses that you should expect to find in the best online casinos in the world. No deposit free spins are found in almost every top-rated casino on the planet, and these are the two shapes in which you’re going to find them:

  • Free to Use – Some no deposit bonus free spins can be spent on any game that you like the most, with the exception of some titles that are usually banned from being played with bonuses.
  • Game-Specific Free Spins – Other free spins need to be spent on specific games, though. The most common games in which you’ll be spending no deposit free spins are Starburst and Book of Dead, which is two of the most played online slots on the planet, too.


Casinos give players the chance to claim no deposit free spins to let them get an idea of how the site works as well as to give them the chance to earn some free cash with no compromise, which shows the player how the bonuses work on the casino and present them with free cash to spend in any way they want.

Many casinos give free spins in similar games, as can be seen in the high influx of world-class Starburst bonuses available on the internet.

In most cases, no deposit free spins are promotion and make it difficult for players to cash out the money. However, some online casinos give players no deposit free spins with lenient rules to allow them to cash out some money and get them hooked to the services of said online casino.


No deposit free spins are some of the best offers on the internet. There are many reasons why these offers tend to be even more popular than straight-up cash rewards, and we’ve made a compilation of reasons for you to straighten your mind a little bit more in that regard.

You Don’t Need to Spend any Cash to Play

The main benefit of no deposit free spin bonuses is that you get to spend them in the best online casinos without having to spend any money of your own. The prospect of making money without first investing anything is one of the main reasons why we absolutely adore no deposit bonuses – and that’s the reason why you’re probably here, too!

You have the Chance to Play as Soon as You Register

Most no deposit bonuses only require you to follow a simple series of steps to claim them, which makes them ideal for beginners and for every newcomer to the online casino that offers them. You only need to verify your account, in most cases, to get the free spins credited to your account.

It’s Possible to Win Cash from the Start!

The fact that no deposit free spin bonuses allow you to immediately start making money in an online casino, as soon as you register, is one of the reasons why we believe they’re so good.

The Bonus Cash of No Deposit Spins is Often Usable Elsewhere

Even though no deposit bonuses tend to be tied to be used in certain online casino games, the cash that you generate with them isn’t usually that way. That means that you can spend your bonus spins in the game that the online casino asks of you, but the bonus money generated by the spins can be used elsewhere in the casino.


Even though free spins are very tempting to claim and easy to let yourself get carried away while using them, we still want you to take a closer look at the bonus terms and conditions that oversee these offers. We also want you to pay close attention to the limits of free spins, as the word ‘free’ can only take you so far.

These are the things that you should look out for the most when claiming the best no deposit free spins on the planet:

Number of No Deposit Free Spins

No deposit spins tend to come with rewards of around 10 to 50 spins, whilst deposit free spin bonuses could give you as much as 200 free spins in the world’s best online casinos, like the Wildz welcome bonus.

No Deposit Spins Are Less Risky

Even though you’re likely going to play with less cash if you opt to claim a no deposit free spin bonuses, the inherent advantage of using one of those is that you will also risk much less cash than you would if you actually made a monetary commitment to the website.

It’s Common for No Deposit Spins to be Game-Tied

No deposit free spin bonuses are far more likely to be tied to a certain game than other bonuses. You will often get them and spend them in games like Starburst, Book of Dead, or Jack and the Beanstalk. Deposit free spins tend to be far freer to be used in any game of your choice.


These are the sorts of spins that don’t come with any wagering requirements, which means that you can spend the spins and then directly withdraw the money to your bank account, like the PlayOJO free spins!

Wager-free no deposit free spins are not common, but they do exist. The PlayOJO welcome offer is a clear example of this. However, if you’re looking for free spins with no wagering requirements, you’re far more likely to find them with deposit bonuses that give away free spins.


The internet is home to dozens of no deposit bonuses. Some of them, however, require you to enter bonus codes before you can claim the offers. Bonus codes activate the rewards of various casinos, which will allow you to get the free spins in your account without making any monetary commitment to the site.

One of the best games to play with free spins in Starburst, the world’s most played online slot (read more about Starburst here – we’ve written a full review on why it’s so good). We have collected a list of the best Starburst bonus codes to help you play one of the iGaming world’s most popular games for free and give bonus codes a try!


Absolutely. In fact, some no deposit bonuses on this list seem to be tailormade to be spent in the best mobile casinos in the world. Most online casinos allow you to claim bonus rewards on their mobile websites as easily as you would claim them in the PC version. It’s really easy to claim them as long as you follow instructions.

However, the best way to spend no deposit bonus free spins in mobile casinos is to claim them on your computer and then spend them on your mobile account. It’s always going to be easier to browse a casino with a mouse, and even easier to enter bonus codes or claim bonuses using a keyboard.


If you’re unsure whether to play in the best bitcoin casinos, we have some great news for you: these sites are also home to the best free spin no deposit bonuses that we’ve ever tried out. These rewards are, in fact, very common in bitcoin casinos.

Naturally, you won’t be receiving traditional rewards in exchange for your no deposit free spins. You will be receiving bonus cash in the form of bitcoins.

There are a handful of ways in which you can obtain free spins in bitcoin casinos, which we have listed here for your convenience:

Loyalty and VIP No Deposit Free Spins

Loyalty bonuses are the easiest ways for you to claim free spin bonuses in the long term. Most online casinos have some sort of loyalty program in place, but bitcoin casinos are particularly known to provide their players with amazing bonuses and even better VIP rewards.

As such, you will be able to claim a massive selection of free spin bonuses if you pay a visit to the best bitcoin casinos that we’ve ever visited.

Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Free Spins

Even though loyalty programs will provide you with long-term assurance of free spins, bitcoin casinos also offer free spins to players that are new to each site and that are simply registering to claim instant rewards and earn immediate success.

It’s up to you to decide which type of bonus you’d like to claim first, but bitcoin casinos are gateways to rewards that provide you with even more lucrative bonifications than traditional casinos. Make the best use of these bonuses and inject your accounts with free cash left and right via free spin bonuses!


Let’s say that you’re looking for a selection of no deposit bonuses on the best casinos in the world. If that’s the case, your best shot at finding them will be to filter out the best casinos by country. We have made a list of the best no deposit free spins found in the world’s largest gambling markets to help you get a better idea of where these bonuses are found!

Free Spins No Deposit UK

Some of the best no deposit bonuses in the United Kingdom fall into the category of no deposit free spins. The finest of UK Casinos are prone to giving you some of the best no deposit free spin bonuses out there, but you do need to know where to look for them. There’s no better place to find these bonuses than The Casino Wizard, so worry not – you’re halfway there!

Free Spins No Deposit Germany

The best no deposit free spin bonuses can also be found in German casinos, some of the world’s most prominent gambling market contributors.

If you’re a fan of online gambling and you live in Germany, you will be pleased to hear that you can start your adventure with no deposit free spin bonuses if you know where to look for them. As we said with the UK bonuses, they can be found right here – at The Casino Wizard!

Free Spins No Deposit Canada

Canada is one of the largest iGaming markets in the world. With thousands of Canadians spending their cash every day in the best Canadian online casinos, you can rest assured that this country is also home to the best of bonuses in the world, including the best free spins no deposit bonuses in Canada. Check them out and win big before you even make your first deposit!

Other Countries With No Deposit Free Spins

We've told you all about the biggest markets in the world that offer bitcoin free spins, but fear not: if you live in a different country from the ones we've mentioned above, we're happy to tell you that we've also collected free spins with no deposit from many other places. For our Northern European readers, we bring you the best no deposit free spins in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. For those who live in subequatorial regions, we've got your backs with the best no deposit free spins in South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. Oh, and for the rest of our European friends, we've also collected the casinos with the best no deposit free spins in Poland, Ireland, Netherlands, and Spain!

Still eager to find your country? We haven't forgot about you, America: check out the best no deposit bonus free spins USA has to offer!


Now that you’ve made it this far on this page, you know everything needed to be known about free spins no deposit. You only need to pick the best bonuses to suit your needs and start your adventure in the world’s best online casinos.

Bear in mind that every single casino that offers bonuses listed on this page are casinos that made it to our list of the best in the world. Choose what you want to claim – quality is a given.