Online Casino Welcome Bonuses

Are you searching for a great list with online casino welcome bonuses? The following list will help you find the best welcome bonuses of 2021 to suit your needs. Read our expert reviews, check the terms and conditions, and claim your favourite (exclusive) promotion today!


A welcome bonus is a casino bonus that can only be claimed upon registering in an online casino. These bonuses are meant to be unlocked with the first deposit that you make on the site, but they can also comprise up to four different deposits. Welcome bonuses let you earn free money and free spins to be spent during the first few days of your stay in an online casino.


Although at first glance it doesn’t make much sense to fathom a scenario where a casino is willingly giving away free money, it makes far more sense once you understand the transcendence of the decision.

Casinos see welcome bonuses as a safe investment. They are protected by the terms and conditions of the site (which are sometimes very strict), and they’re also making sure that the players get to try out their services. The protection that casinos have often gone as far as limiting the amount any player can win out of the welcome bonus.

However, you will still be able to make a profit with the bonus whilst, at the same time, you’ll be trying out the features of an online casino regardless of whether you deposit money to claim it or not. Welcome bonuses are incentives for players to join a new site, potentially earn some free cash, and keep making deposits on the online casino that gives the bonus away.

You can learn more about welcome bonuses with our full guide, found here. If you want to learn more about bonuses in general, you can also read our full guide to casino bonuses!


Thankfully, it is very easy to claim most welcome bonuses on the majority of online casinos. Use this quick guide to make sure that all of these bonuses are claimed in the quickest fashion possible – free of any issues whatsoever!

1. Detect a Bonus to Claim

Determine the type of bonus that you’re going to claim. Most welcome bonuses will require you to have verified your casino account before you get to claim any rewards. No deposit welcome bonuses tend to be part of deposit welcome bonuses, as they encourage you to make a deposit to claim the money afterwards. Make sure that the bonus that you'll claim is available in your country. Most of the bonuses listed in this page are available worldwide, but you can also check welcome bonuses in the UK or Canada if you're looking for something more specific.

2. Set an Amount to Deposit

Every welcome bonus tends to work with minimum and maximum deposit amounts. Choose how much cash you’re willing to spend before making a deposit and make sure that your bonus of choice can be activated with the amount that you’re choosing.

3. Check Whether Bonus Codes are Needed

If you’re going to claim a bonus, you need to make sure that you can claim it easily and verify whether you need to enter bonus codes or not. Check if you need to enter a bonus code to activate the bonus and make the deposit after entering the code – otherwise you may not receive the cash or free spins.

4. Make the Deposit and Claim the Rewards

Once you’re set on claiming a bonus and you’re sure that the bonus can be claimed with the amount that you want to deposit, make the deposit and earn the rewards.

5. Fulfill the Wagering Terms and Conditions

With the rewards in your casino account, use your welcome bonus money or free spins to fulfill the rest of the terms that the casino has imposed on the offer. Comply with the terms and earn the right to do whatever you want with the bonus cash!


The online casino world is filled with amazing online casinos and, with each casino having a magnificent set of bonuses and rewards to enjoy, you’ll be coming across dozens upon dozens of bonuses with each of them having their own shape and form.

These are the most common welcome bonuses on the internet, all of which can be found in The Casino Wizard for your browsing convenience:

Deposit Welcome Bonus

A deposit welcome bonus is a type of bonus that casinos give to a player during the first deposit (or deposits) that they make into the site. These are often seen as cash match bonuses or free spin bonuses, and they’re also strictly tied to how much money you deposit into your account.

No Deposit Welcome Bonus

No deposit welcome bonuses are rewards that an online casino gives to new players in order to welcome them to the services. As such, they can be presented in various ways, and each of them is subjected to different conditions depending on which casino is offering the bonus.

Free Spins Welcome Bonus

Free spins are a bonus that casinos give to players so they can try out their most popular slot games without having to risk their own cash, but while still being able to earn money while playing. As such, free spins are one of the most popular types of welcome bonuses in the online casino community thanks to their profitability as well as their potential to entertain.

Here are 5 of these amazing bonuses that you can't miss this year. You can also check out our Videoslots review if you want to claim free spins on your first deposit.

Cash Match Bonus

A cash match bonus is strictly a type of deposit bonus that aims to match a percentage of the money you deposit into a casino and give it to you as additional funds for your account. Most casinos set a limit as to how much money the bonus matches, though.

Welcome Bonus Tournaments - They Exist!

Some online casinos provide you the chance to play online casino slots to earn rewards while competing against other players. The Betsson welcome bonus tournament is our recommended go-to welcome reward in the online casino world!


You need to be aware that welcome bonuses are different in some countries. As such, we’ve listed the most important welcome bonuses for various nations, here:

Furthermore, these offers may also qualify as welcome bonuses but don’t require you to make a deposit. Depending on where you live, you can find them here:

You can also find a curated list of top-quality welcome bonuses here.


There are many reasons why online casino welcome bonuses are must-claim offers whenever you pay a visit to an online casino for the first time, provided that the casino is a reliable one with fair bonus terms and conditions.

We have made a list of our 3 main reasons why the best casino welcome bonuses are rewards that you cannot miss out on – no matter how much time you’ve spent playing in an online casino in advance.

Flexible Rewards for All Players

One of the main reasons online casino bonuses are so great is because they allow you to claim rewards of the highest order and they’re flexible for every player to choose how much of an offer they want to claim.

For example, if you’re a low roller and you want to claim a bonus that could potentially yield a €1,000 reward, you may still spend a smaller amount of cash and receive a smaller sum in return, but it adapts to your budget to properly reward you.

Free Cash or Free Spins from the Start

There’s really no better reason for you to claim a bonus than knowing that you’ll have free money to spend from the minute you start your adventure in an online casino.

Every casino bonus is a gateway to receive free cash in one way or another. Whether that is by giving you straight cash or free spins remains your choice and the online casino that offers it.

Get Extra Cash on Top of What You’d Earn Anyway

Most people who claim welcome bonuses already have the idea of spending cash on their favorite casino games. As such, welcome bonus simply provides you with extra bonus cash and rewards for you to spend in any way that you like the most.

There’s not a good reason for you not to claim these bonuses other than the offers being unfair. If you stick to claiming the bonuses that we’ve listed on this page, you won’t even have the second problem.


The best welcome bonuses in the world tend to come with fair wagering requirements, which means that you’ll end up with a good chance of withdrawing the money even after playing many times with the amount of money that you’re required to spend.

Any bonus that has a wagering requirement of 35 times or less is often what we consider a fair bonus with a good wagering requirement.

Wagering Requirements & Contribution Rates

Welcome bonuses come attached to these wagering requirements almost everywhere you look, but the way they can be fulfilled differs based on the rules of each online casino. In some websites, you can freely spend your money across the casino while others are far more limited regarding how you should fulfill wagering requirements.

Stake weights represent the amount of money that one of your bets contributes towards the fulfillment of a bonus and its wagering rules. A game with a 100% stake weight signifies that a bet on $1 would contribute $1 towards the fulfillment of the requirements, while the same bet on a game with a 50% contribution would only contribute $0.50.

This is how stake weights usually look like in online casinos, but bear in mind that the following list is only an example:

  • Slots - 100%
  • Table Games - 10%
  • Keno & Scratch - 100%
  • Live Games - 0%
  • Jackpot slots - 0%


Withdrawing a welcome bonus is easy – provided that you can fulfill the wagering requirements of the offer within the timeframe and rules that you’re given by the casino. Once the rules are complied with and the bonus wagering requirements are done, all you need to do is withdraw the bonus (if it’s a non-sticky offer) or the profit from the bonus instead.


If you truly want to make sure that your welcome bonuses of choice are the best ones that you can claim, the only thing you need to do is keep these features in mind and check them out when opting to claim a new welcome bonus:

Bonus Terms and Conditions

The most important thing about a bonus, and what makes it fair for every player, is to check out the offer’s bonus terms and conditions. If the rules of a bonus are fair and the bonus is lucrative, then you can rest assured that the bonus is one to claim with your eyes closed.

Unfair terms and conditions will allow you to quickly discard a bonus even before claiming it, so be sure to read them before claiming any rewards.

Bonus Abuse & Rules

Make sure that you properly read the rules to ensure a fair experience for you and a decent chance for the casino not to take away your money. Bonus abusers tend to be dealt with quite quickly and you will end up losing all of your cash in a matter of minutes, so be sure to abide by the rules to avoid any sort of issue with the casinos.

Offer Lucrativeness and Profitability

Apart from having a full understanding of the bonus rules, you may also want to check out how lucrative an offer is before you claim it. Sure, you may receive some bonus cash, but if you’re going to be spending a lot of your own money before you can withdraw it, there’s really not much of a point in obtaining the bonus of your choice.

Sticky Money and Your Casino Bonus Balance

Sticky money is the term used to refer to bonus money that you cannot withdraw. Sticky bonuses are best used to try out games that are profitable and generate cash that you can actually withdraw after playing in these casinos.

You can generate a bonus balance using sticky cash. In some cases, you can turn sticky money into withdrawable money depending on the bonus terms of the casino of your choice!


These are the most important, must-know facts about welcome bonuses that new players (and some veterans) tend to miss out on – even when claiming the most basic of casino welcome bonuses and rewards!

  • It’s possible to win real money using a welcome bonus
  • Welcome bonuses are often moldable to your budget
  • Some online casinos offer different welcome bonuses depending on where you're from. Check out these 5 German-exclusive welcome bonuses, for example!
  • High roller welcome bonuses are meant to be claimed by people willing to spend more than what 90% of a casino’s player base tends to spend
  • Some casinos offer welcome bonuses with different match percentages. Some casinos will double your deposits, whilst others may triple it!
  • Not all casino welcome bonuses require a deposit! Learn more about it here.



A welcome bonus is an online casino promotion that can only be claimed once and it must also be claimed by players with new accounts. You can use welcome bonuses to claim free money (bonus credits) or free spins, which are free for you to use in the online casino that gives away the bonus.

Online casino welcome bonuses tend to double, triple, or sometimes even quadruple the amount of money that you deposit in free cash. Most online casino bonuses give you bonus money and bonus free spins altogether, whilst some welcome bonuses are meant for you to only claim bonus cash with the offers.

If you claim your welcome bonus from any of the legitimate and fully regulated online casinos that we have listed on our site, then you don’t have to worry about the welcome bonus being rigged. However, visit other sites at your own risk – there are some welcome bonuses that are rigged, which are given away by non-legit online casinos.


Casino welcome bonuses are given away by online casinos as a way to attract new players to their site. The more lucrative a welcome bonus is, the more likely a player is to register on the site and claim it. However, keep your eyes peeled for the terms and conditions of welcome bonuses to make sure that the offer is as profitable as it seems at first glance.


A welcome bonus is worth it if it’s given away by a legit online casino and it comes with fair wagering requirements and overall lenient rules. Some bonuses with heftier rules may also be worth your time and money, but your safe choice will always be to claim a bonus that comes with fair terms and conditions all around.


Since welcome bonuses can give you free spins and free money, you can spend welcome bonuses mostly on online slots. However, welcome bonuses that provide you with free money may also be spent on table games, keno, scratch card, video poker, sportsbooks, and live casinos. It all depends on the bonus rules of each site.


Most welcome bonuses provide you with cashable rewards unless you claim a sticky welcome bonus. Free spins must be spent and the wagering requirement of the money must be fulfilled before you withdraw the cash to your account, though.


A sticky welcome bonus is a bonus that gives you sticky money, which means that you will never be able to withdraw the cash even after fulfilling the wagering requirements. Sticky money is meant to be spent to produce non-sticky cash, which is obtained after using sticky money in online casino games such as slots, blackjack, scratch cards, keno, or any other table game.


Every casino sets its own rules regarding the claiming of bonuses, but the vast majority of them should be activated before making a deposit or in the casino cashier as you approach to make your first deposit on the site.


Welcome bonuses are meant to be claimed by newcomers to an online casino. There are other casino bonuses that can be claimed by long-standing members of the site, but welcome bonuses and welcome no deposit bonuses are meant to be claimed by newbies.


Online casinos offer other profitable rewards as part of non-welcome bonus offers, but the most lucrative of rewards tend to be given away as part of welcome bonus programs. Some online casinos may provide you with the chance to earn other deposit bonuses once or twice a week, but the most lucrative match bonuses are given as part of welcome bonus programs.


In most cases, yes – welcome bonuses usually require you to make a deposit because no deposit bonuses tend to not be included in welcome bonus packages in the majority of online casinos. It all depends on the rules of each site, though, so read them to ensure that a deposit is needed.


They are very similar. First deposit bonuses are mostly part of welcome bonuses, whilst every welcome bonus has a first deposit bonus within it. In most cases, first deposit bonuses and welcome bonuses are the same things.


A bitcoin welcome bonus, or a crypto welcome bonus, is a set of deposit bonuses that you will get to claim in the best crypto casinos using bitcoins. These offers are very lucrative and provide players with the chance to earn a ton of cash and spins in their favorite casinos.


Welcome bonuses are promotions that you can claim as soon as you register in an online casino. No deposit bonuses are bonuses that you can claim at any point in time, but the difference is that no deposit bonuses never require a deposit in order to claim them, while welcome bonuses tend to require a monetary commitment on your part.

With that said, no deposit bonuses can also be given away as part of welcome bonus packages. They’re not mutually exclusive.


High-paying welcome bonuses are not necessarily the best. The best welcome bonuses to claim are those that come with the fairest wagering requirements, balanced with a decent number of rewards and prizes to claim. If the requirements are fair and the rewards are plentiful, you should claim the bonus.


Most of the best online casinos in the world give welcome bonuses because they are a sure-fire way to get new players to make deposits and register on a casino. Some casinos opt not to give welcome rewards, but the best casinos in the world are sure to provide you with at least a no deposit bonus or a first deposit bonus to help you get started.


The best welcome bonuses to claim are those that come with fair wagering requirements. It doesn’t always matter how much money you get – it’s sometimes more about how fair an offer is and how many of those rewards will you be able to get your hands on.


Mobile Casinos don’t fall behind in terms of offering players the chance to claim free cash or free spins. Thankfully, the vast majority of welcome bonuses that we’ve listed in this article can be enjoyed in mobile casinos thanks to most of these casinos working flawlessly on most devices – including computers, phones, and tablets.

Check out the best mobile casinos in the world and claim their bonuses to kickstart your mobile journey with free cash and spins!


If you’ve come this far, you know what you need to know about welcome bonuses and how to make the best of them. Make sure to select the offers that you like the most at The Casino Wizard and get yourself on the way to claim the best of rewards that the iGaming world has in store for all of us. They’re within your reach – be sure not to let go of them!

You can start your journey with the Casumo welcome bonus if you're keen to claim free spins and bonus cash, or the Betsson free spins welcome bonus if you're only after free spins.