Red Tiger Online Slot Mega WINS & Jackpots

Red Tiger Gaming jackpot wins and mega wins are aplenty. The company has produced some absolutely fantastic casino games that pay a ton of money to lucky winners.

That means that there really are a ton of games that you can enjoy when playing Red Tiger Gaming casinos, and there’s no better inspiration to draw from than looking directly at some of these fantastic wins.

Let us explore the biggest wins that players have been able to achieve with the incredible Red Tiger Gaming slots, before and after the company got taken over by NetEnt. You’ll come across some of the best slot wins in Red Tiger Gaming history, so take a good look at the best jackpot wins and try out your luck in one of these games to become part of history yourself.

To keep this list as special as possible, we’ve made sure to show you wins from different Red Tiger slot games, courtesy of different gamblers from all over the world!

10. Gonzo’s Quest Megaways

A round that starts with 7 free spins and almost no money spent per spin by the player, this one is a clear indication of just how profitable the Gonzo’s Quest Megaways can be. It multipliers his original bet by more than a hundred times thanks to the free spins and multipliers unlocked as Gonzo walks across the gates of El Dorado!


9. Vault of Anubis

A single spin worth €6 gets multiplied to the heavens and beyond, for the players to ultimately earn a staggering €2500 from that simple €6. Vault of Anubis is known as one of those games in which multipliers play a huge part on the outcome of your bets, but this video truly shows how fantastic it can be for you to win in this incredible game.


8. Dragon’s Fire Megaways

Now, if you’re a fan of crazy multipliers and rounds that don’t seem like much but turn out to be game-changers, then you’re going to love this.


Hideous Slots Xtra starts the round by selecting the hidden free spin feature that provides him with the least free spins, which makes you think that luck won’t be on his side. However, those 9 in-game free spins turn his original €2 bet into a win worth more than €3500. Talk about value for money on a bet!

7. Laser Fruit

Starting with just 200 Swedish Crowns doesn’t really bode well for a winning round, but check out the luck that this guy had. Those 200 crowns were swiftly turned into 60k crowns instead, showing just how Laser Fruit can be one of the best Red Tiger games to play if you love huge boards and even bigger slow wins!


6. Jewel’s Scrab

Jewel’s Scrab is another one of those games that may not seem like they will reward you with a lot of money until you hit a wining round. This video shows how a simple €4 bet got turned into a reward worth more than €1,400!


5. Reel Heist

Reel Heist may not be the best online slot to play in a Red Tiger casino if you want to earn a ton of cash, but this win shows how you can double your account balance by betting small sums of cash at this incredible casino game.


Swedish people really seem to have a good grip on jackpots and huge wins, and this video shows yet another example of such luck!

4. Ninja Ways

Ninja Ways may seem like the bastard child of Naruto and Dragon Ball, but the prizes to be won when playing this slot are surely bigger than the One Piece itself.


A standard €6 bet turns into a massive €5,500 win in what is probably one of the biggest ever Ninja Ways wins in this game’s existence. The graphics of this game are not the only thing that’ll keep you engaged, as rewards like this await those who share some luck!

3. Pirate Plenty

A reward in Pirate Plenty that multiplies the original bet by x670 is one to behold, and that’s exactly what you’re getting here. Free spins and multipliers combine to create one of the most complete and lucrative rewards that you can get in any Red Tiger game.


2. Mystery Fruit

Watch how a bet of just $0.40 turns into a win of over $100 with one of the best multipliers that we’ve seen in Mystery Fruit. The Bonus Wheel allows the multiplier to turn the player’s win into a massive x250 times the amount of his original bet, which creates a fantastic win that is among the most lucrative that you can get in the game.


1. Atlantis Slot

A stake of just €4 turns into a win worth €2,500 in what is our favorite win on this list. The Atlantis Slot can certainly provide a ton of lucrative wins, but one that multiplies your original bet by so much money is not one that comes frequently.


A combination of slots and multipliers creates one of the best wins that you can get in the game to provide the player with a reward worth more than 500 times the amount of his original stake!

Visit the Best Red Tiger Gaming Casinos to Play These Games

Let’s take a look at the best Red Tiger Gaming casinos, as we have selected them, to help you get a better idea of where you can play these games.

Some of these online casinos allow you to play the games with bonuses and claim immaculate prizes that will help you play these games for free, whilst not claiming bonus still makes these casinos some of the best in which you can play Red Tiger Gaming slots. We have selected three of our top-rated casinos for your convenience!

Wildz Casino

The Wildz Casino has long been one of our favorite online casinos. It’s a fantastic website that hosts an incredible loyalty program where you can level up and obtain massive rewards as you do it. Not only that, but the site is also home to a large selection of top-quality casino games, among which you’ll find some of the best titles in the iGaming world.

You can play Yggdrasil games at the Wildz Casino and claim amazing bonuses along the way. There’s much to do and a ton of prizes to be claimed, as well as loyalty points to be collected!


Betsson Casino

Check out the magnificent Betsson Casino and find out just why this online casino’s name is on the lips of everyone that knows a thing or two about the industry. Not only will you be presented with a massive selection of games at Betsson, but the site’s renown also makes it a fantastic website to visit if you’re keen to play any game for free or with your money.

Visit Betsson and play Yggdrasil games in one of those online casinos that makes it to the top of every list of best gambling sites!


Dunder Casino

Dunder is a bit more minimalistic than both of the other casinos that we’ve just mentioned. However, it’s far from an inferior site. It’s one of those online casinos that you just know that you’re going to love from the moment that you visit it and onwards, as the site provides everything you need to have a quality gambling experience – especially if you want to play Yggdrasil slots.

There aren’t many other games here other than reel-based games, but you’ll love what you’ll see. We just know it!


Play the Best Red Tiger Slots and Win Massive Prizes Today!

Red Tiger Gaming already had a ton of incredible games before they got bought by NetEnt. However, it’s far better now. You will find a ton of extra titles and things to do at Red Tiger casinos, with a bunch of games to play based on NetEnt concepts – including reinvigorated live dealer games sponsored by NetEnt themselves.

Pick any of these world-class casinos and visit the one that you like the most to earn amazing rewards free of any charge with amazing bonuses!

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