The Casino Superlines Birthday Bonus Gives You 3 No Deposit Bonuses

There’s no better way to celebrate your birthday than spending some free bonuses on your favorite online casino, but weirdly, not many casinos are keen to reward their best players on their special day of the year. Casino Superlines does, however, and it’s one of the best no deposit bonuses that you’ll encounter on the internet. Superlines-Casino-Bonus-Butterfly-Bonus-Code-674-354

You can basically qualify to receive all the benefits of this offer by simply having an account on the Casino Superlines and being on your birthday. That’s all it really takes, and you’ll be able to make quite a decent sum of cash in return by simply playing with the bonuses given to you by the Casino Superlines. There are some restrictions that apply to every promotion on the site, though, and the birthday bonus is not exempt from them. We’ll guide you through all of these rules and restrictions so you can get the best out of this bonus as well as many of the other promos found at the Casino Superlines!

How Does the Offer Work?

The offer is meant to be claimed by players on their birthday, which makes this one of the few birthday bonuses that you can claim in online casino – or, at least, birthday bonuses that are literally advertised as so. Some casino will also send you some rewards on your birthday, but getting three no deposit bonuses is only happening at the Casino Superlines. All you need to do is keep your account active and you should receive your rewards by 13:00 GMT on the day of your birthday. Since there are three different bonuses to be claimed, they are all subjected to different conditions, and some need special requirements before you can claim them. The best thing about this offer is that the free money that you get is not subjected to any wagering requirements. That’s how a birthday gift should work, and that’s precisely why Casino Superlines have taken this approach. However, this does man that they are very strict when it comes to imposing restrictions on this promotion. People who use multiple account to claim this bonus more than once WILL get banned, and your information is thoroughly checked whenever you register on the site so they can make sure that you’re not playing dirty.

What do You Get with the Casino Superlines Birthday Bonus?

The Casino Superlines birthday bonus gives you three different offers. The first one is a €10 bonus that you get to spend on any game that the site has to offer. This money is not withdrawable until you meet the wagering requirements of the offer, but you get to use it on any game that you want. That’s already better than some sites’ welcome bonuses! 


The second part of the offer is a free bonus of 25 free spins, which you can spend in three of the Casino Superlines best casino games. They select them for you, though, so the free spins can’t be spent on some games such as Starburst, for example. The games that you need to play with them offer great return rates anyway, and they’re extremely fun to play. The best part of this offer is, however, the third one. You get €10 for free, without having to make a deposit, and with no wagering requirements attached to them. That’s €10 that you can withdraw as soon as you get them, which makes the money a true birthday gift. If you choose to spend those €10 on the site, you’ll be able to do so in any given game that you want. There are also no rules and restrictions as to how you use the cash. Head to the site’s progressive slot section or spend the bonus money on your favorite card games. It’s your birthday, so you get to choose what to do with your gift!

Bonus Terms and Conditions

So far, you’ve probably noticed that the bonus sounds almost too good to be true. Don’t worry, even after reading the terms and conditions, you’ll think that this is a fantastic bonus offer. You still need to know the basics of it to make sure that you’re getting the best out of the bonus, though, so check out the most important bonus terms and conditions of the Casino Superlines bonus!

Money Requirements

Keep in mind that you need to have less than €10 on your account if you want to get the extra €10 free play bonus. The other two offers are not subjected to any requirements of account balance, though. That means that, regardless of how much cash you have in your account, you’ll get €10 to spend however you like. The bonus cash subjected to requirements is the one that needs to be wagered through the requirements before withdrawing it. There is one simple requirement that needs to be respected if you are to get the €10 free bonus, though. You need to have made a deposit on your account at any given time before your birthday, so the casino can ensure that you are indeed an active player and not just someone who got to the site and claimed their bonus and left. You don’t need to have done anything with the money, though. As long as you’ve made a deposit, you’re good to go.

Country Restrictions

Players from the following list of countries are not entitled to receive the benefits of the Casino Superlines birthday bonus: Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Nigeria, Mali, Eritrea, Morocco, Mauritania, Djibouti, Congo, Kenya, Niger, Uganda, Angola, Namibia, Mozambique, Gabon, Zambia, Afghanistan, Armenia, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan , Vietnam, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, North Korea, Malaysia, Macau, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Bhutan, Brunei, Burma, Rwanda, Somalia, Palestine.

Wagering Requirements

Even though the €10 free cash bonus is not subjected to any requirements, the €10 bonus free play money and the 25 free spins are. You’ll need to wager the €10 free cash a total of 60 times before you can withdraw the money form the site, which is actually a good number of times considering that you’re not paying to receive this bonus. The free spins are also subjected to wagering requirements, but they are lower to the ones you get with the bonus cash. You’ll need to spend the free spins on the three selected games and then wager the bonus money received after spending the spins a total of 45 times before you can claim the money and withdraw it to your account. All of the money that you produce with the 25 free spins will be considered by the website as bonus cash, and it will only form part of your regular balance once the requirements are fully completed.

Free Spin Games

You may use the bonus money generated with the free spins on any game that you like when looking to fulfill the wagering requirements. However, the free spins themselves must be spend in one of Book of Sun, Star Gems, or Monkey Money slots. These games might not offer the best RTP rates, but they do give you a good return for your investment if you spend your money wisely. 


Once the free spins are fully spent and the money is transformed into bonus cash, you may use it to play any slot game on the website – including those with the best return rates and lower house edges! You may also do a good job by reading the bonus terms and conditions that the Casino Superlines has in their website. Some rules will help you get a better grasp of what the casino expects their players to do with the bonus cash, which might give you some ideas on how to spend it and which games offer better contribution rates towards the fulfilment of wagering requirements.

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Are you new to the Casino Superlines website and haven’t claimed their welcome bonus yet? Then you’re in luck. The Casino Superlines welcome bonus is one of the most lucrative bonuses that you’ll find on the internet. The site is willingly giving away over €3000 on money to people willing to make a few deposits into their newly-created accounts, which give you a lot of money to spend on the site’s best games. Not only that, but the Casino Superlines also gives you access to one of the best loyalty programs on the internet. You’ll be rewarded for the time you spend on the casino with free bonus money, free spins, and free play time to spend on the site’s most popular games. You’ll be able to generate loyalty points as you spend the bonus cash obtained with the welcome bonus, which further emphasizes just how consumer friendly the Casino Superlines is. You’ll be able to make free money using free money, which is as good as it gets in an online casino. Even if you’re never able to fulfill the wagering requirements, you’ll be playing for free!

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