Yggdrasil Gaming Slots - 10 Games You Have to Try

Yggdrasil Studios have produced some incredible games over the years. From fantastic jackpot slots like the incredible Joker Millions to classic titles like Valley of the Gods, you will not be bored when playing Yggdrasil Gaming slots.

We have decided to write an entire article talking about Yggdrasil and 10 of their slot games that may not be as renowned as their top games, but these are games that you ultimately need to try out anyway if you want to play the best that the company has ever developed.

From newer titles to other of our favorite Ygdrasil slots, let’s take a good look at what you can expect to find in the gallery of some of the best Yggdrasil casinos that we’ve ever visited. You can find our guide on where to play these games after the reviews, of course! 

10. Hades

Stunning 3D graphics and the fantastic Gigablox feature combine to create the Hades slot, one of the most lucrative slots that the Yggdrasil Gaming company has managed to produce in recent years.


Free spin rounds and multipliers are taken to a whole new level with the fantastic Gigablox feature, which creates massive stacks of a single symbol and allows you to earn even more winning rounds. Watch as Hades invokes hellfire as each winning round passes by and obtain prizes that could multiply your original stake hundreds of times!

9. Victoria Wild

Join Victoria Wild in an adventure packed with Wild Respins (hence the name of the game, of course) with the Tornado symbol, and advance with each winning bet through the map towards the Oasis.


If you’re as patient and lucky enough to get to the Oasis, get ready to receive some of the craziest rewards that the game has to offer. As the waterfalls come down streaming, you will also get the chance to earn better wilds and spins that will provide your account with all the cash needed to have the best of casino adventures in the iGaming world.

8. Hyperburst

Watch the Lava fill up the free spin bar and the multipliers in this thrilling and massively exciting casino game, which can end up with you earning the best rewards in the online casino industry thanks to multiple round-changing wilds.


Take a digital trip to an island with a volcano that packs melting lava ready to be released in the form of rewards with the fantastic Hyperburst slot, one of the most thrilling Yggdrasil games that have come out in recent times. It’s one of our all-time faves, so check it out!

7. Syncronite SPLITZ

This online slot may not seem like anything special when you first lay your eyes upon it. However, the name of the game comes from the fact that, on bonus rounds, two or more reels will synchronize, which means that they will have the same symbols.


The potential for chain wins with the Syncronite slot is just massive. There’s a lot of money to be won here, and a lot of rewards to be unlocked round after round. All you need is a little bit of luck!

6. Carol of the Elves

Carols and the Elves have a Christmas vibe, as you would expect given its name, but it really reminds us of that fantastic Hacker slot that came out a couple of years ago. The gameplay allows you to unlock the “blocked” symbols with each winning spin, which in turn allows you to earn better rewards on the next.

It’s one of those games where rewards really build up as time goes by, and with a little bit of luck, you’ll be showering yourself in incredible prizes before you know it.


You do need to be aware that the game can take a while to build up really profitable rewards. You can go a few rounds without winning anything. As such, this game’s volatility is high, but that doesn’t take away just how fun this incredible game has proven to be. We love it, and we’re sure that you will, too!

5. Moley Moolah

Even though this game very clearly takes its concept and name from Mega Moolah, that’s as far as the resemblance goes. Moley Moolah makes it easy for players to get sucked into the Earth with four different boards at the same time, where rewards quickly build up.


The game’s theme and art may be a bit overwhelming as it aims to replicate most of Mega Moolah’s features in a different theme, but we find the game to be very fun nonetheless. It’s one of those  titles that you really enjoy playing even though it doesn’t offer as many great features as others.

4. Pirates 2: Mutiny

The fantastic second installment of Pirates takes Dropdown wins to a whole new level. With this game, you will be able to earn massive wins with the combination of the Dropdown feature together with the incredible multipliers that you can get every round.


The theme of the game, even though it’s one that can be deemed as common, still makes it very fun and the music complements what’s a fantastic title all around. One of the best Yggdrasil games released in recent years, and one that we fully recommend you try if you love games that resemble the winning ways of games like Candy Crush.

3. Labyrinth of Knossos

This fantastic game with a rather unpronounceable name packs graphics that players of all ages can fall in love with, but the true magic of this game comes with the fact that you can get multipliers that work on a single symbol per round, instead of on the entire board.


This may mean that you can get less profitable wins than in slots with the classic feature, but the fact that they are more limited also means that you will be getting more winning rounds per spin.

You can also collect massive scatter wins thanks to the fact that you can build up the scatter free spins with the individual symbol multipliers, which allows for massive wins. The Mega Wins on this game can truly be incredibly large, which makes this one of the best slots that you can play if you like high volatility wins.

2. Reel Desire

We’ll be honest with you: Reel Desire takes the second spot on our list of must-try Yggdrasil games for one reason: the theme of this game is fantastic. It evokes an 80s Dance Floor that we’re sure that some of our more veteran readers will love.


There may not be too many special features, but the bonus rounds and the musical theme of this game make it a must-try that we’re sure that you’ll end up loving.

Not only that, but Reel Desire’s graphics and fluid gameplay are there to behold.

1. Gator Gold

Yet another Gigablox game, the Gator Gold slot will take you on an adventure towards the African Savannah as you aim to unlock the hundreds of rewards that these animal symbols hold. The presence of Gigablox means that you’ll be aiming to collect massive wins with a single spin thanks to the cumulative prizes that you can earn with these massive blocks.


Big wins are to be expected, but so are disappointing rounds. Check out this fantastic game and set yourself on the way to glory with various animal symbols and upbeat music that keep gameplay among the best in terms of Yggdrasil slot quality!

The Best Yggdrasil Casinos to Visit – Our Top Picks

There are plenty of fantastic online casinos in the modern gambling world. Ranging from some of the best bitcoin casinos to lesser-known websites, there really are many casinos in which you can play Yggdrasil games.

However, we don’t just settle for anything that we find. We want you to get the best experience possible.

That’s why we have made a list of our top picks for the best Yggdrasil casinos in which you can spend your money and play slots this year and beyond. Some of these casinos house some world-class bonuses that will provide you with extra cash and free spins to play these games for free – don’t miss out!


The mBit Casino is one of the best bitcoin and crypto casinos to host Yggdrasil games. It’s the one bitcoin casino that we recommend to any fan of Yggdrasil slots that truly feels the need to enjoy their casino experience with cryptos, and there’s no better way to do it than with the amazing mBitCasino welcome bonus.

You can also get some sweet free spins from the moment you register, wager-free. What will you choose to play first with your free cash? Options are seemingly endless at the Yggdrasil gallery, so choose wisely and place your bets now!


Videoslots Casino

Now, if you’re looking to play slots, there’s hardly a better place than one of the best online slot casinos to exist in the iGaming world. Videoslots is a fantastic website that comes packed with a gallery of games that offers everything you need to have a complete gambling experience, as well as bonuses to play the best online slots completely for free.

Yggdrasil games are aplenty at Videosltos, too. You can start your journey on this casino with a staggering offer worth 11 wager-free spins to start off your journey, and then claim extra rewards upon making a deposit on the casino.

It’s one of the best casinos to visit as a slots fan – and you’ll love what you’ll see!


N1 Casino

Fans of casino tournaments and competitive gameplay will love the N1 Casino and its selection of incredible games and promotions. At N1, you’ll get your journey started with a ton of free spins and then you’ll be able to play Yggdrasil Gaming slots with a ton of free cash and rewards thanks to the extra bonuses made available by the casino.

Discover the magic of online slots or play table games after enjoying Yggdrasil games at the incredible N1 Casino!


Spin the Reels at the Best Yggdrasil Casinos Now!

Yggdrasil has produced some stunning games in the past few years, but one thing’s for sure: the number of rewards that you can expect to win from each of these titles is sure to continue growing – especially on any jackpot game made by Yggdrasil themselves.

You now know all about the best games that the company has developed, as well as the best casino slots that you can play and the best casinos where you can play them. Use free spins for Yggdrasil games and make the best of your time in some of these fantastic online casinos to start winning real money while playing casino games now.

Which online casino will be the one to witness your online gambling greatness? Pay a visit to the best Yggdrasil casinos, play the company’s best slots, and earn real money now!

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